Shut the Fuck Up, Wil Wheaton
Shut the Fuck Up, Wil Wheaton





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Hey, Wil, one word: stop.
Unless I missed the memo where you came out, you need to sit down and shut up.  You are inserting yourself into a conversation amongst people some of whom are LGBT, some of whom are AA, and some of whom are both.  You have no place in this conversation. Worse, your stumblings are actively harming all parties who actually belong in the conversation.
All of us in this conversation are hurt by your acting as if homophobes of Color can be called out as homophobes of Color instead of as homophobes, as if People of Color have some responsibility for right action not shared by white people. Not only does this treat People of Color unequally and ascribe them a level of accountability that is out of proportion to the power they hold, it lets white people off the hook by holding them to a lower standard of conduct.  (NOW do you see what you did there?)
It’s bad enough when this comes from white LGBT who’ve yet to figure out that their whiteness is getting in the way of their struggle for LGBT justice because there is no such thing as LGBT justice just for whites.  When it comes from a het, we’re left wondering who’s side your on — especially when the straight-up racist homophobes have made it clear that their cunning plan is to get white LGBT fighting with heterosexuals of color.
I’m sure you meant well, but intent is nothing in the face of impact and right now your impact is really bad.

Here’s a reminder of what Wil Wheaton put up 6 months ago. 
Never mind the fact this meme came out of the 2008 Proposition 8 Ballot Measure in California, and was shot down BY THE NUMBERS and simply is another example of white people trying to avoid accepting the mantle as the PRIMARY producers and enforcers of homophobic by shifting the focus onto Black folks (much in the same way they do when it comes crime, drug use, or use of government assistance…). 
Never mind the fact that White people outnumber Black people in California 11 to 1, so I’m wondering through what magical math Black people could have become the primary driver of the Proposition?  (Let’s also not forget that this lie had threatening consequences for Black folks…)
So 6 months ago, 2012, he’s reposting that shit, when the truth came out in 2009?
Let’s also not forget just earlier this year the homophobic National Organization for Marriage’s documents about their propaganda plan to continue playing up the wedge between LGBT folks and Black people came out… 
Which I would imagine anyone actually interested in LGBT rights would have heard about…
As opposed to someone who is looking for liberal cookies and just as happy as to shit on Black people along the way.
So, no Wil Wheaton, you’re not racist “simply” because you mindlessly reblogged a fake NDN myth made by white people - you’re racist because you continuously build your “progressive” cred on exploiting or attacking POC without even giving half a shit about looking up the truth or reality of it, EVEN TO THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY ALLYING YOURSELF TO IN YOUR ACTS.
You are furthering hate not to help anyone except your internet fame.

yeah wil wheaton’s been a racist piece of  shit publicly for quite some time now

here’s some more for stfuwilwheaton!

Ah this gem…. NEVER FORGET.
Q: Are you Sheldon Cooper?
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Does anyone know if Wil is going to be at the Official Star Trek Con tomorrow in San Francisco??
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Our mantra, tbh. 
Shut the fuck up, Wil Wheaton